Nike KD VIII 8 USA Release Date June 27th

The Nike KD 8 “USA” is set to celebrate Independence Day, or commonly known as the 4th of July. Nike Basketball is set to release another Stars and Striped Nike KD silhouette that will be included in the Nike Basketball 2015 USA Pack.


Commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, this “USA” edition of the Nike KD 8 is dressed in a mixture of Soar, Midnight Navy, Bright Crimson, and White color scheme. The shoe is highlighted with its firework graphic covering the entire upper, contested with a Navy tongue and midsole, finished with a Red outsole.

Nike KD 8 USA Independence Day Release Date

Check out the additional detailed photos of the Nike KD 8 “USA” below, which is set to release on Saturday, June 27th alongside the other Nike Basketball 2015 “USA” Pack at select Nike Basketball retailers. The retail price tag is set at $180 USD.

Nike KD 8 “USA”
Soar/Midnight Navy-Bright Crimson-White
June 27, 2015

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Nike KD VIII 8 USA Release Date June 27th

Nike KD VIII 8 USA Release Date June 27th

Nike KD VIII 8 USA Release Date June 27th

Nike KD VIII 8 USA Release Date June 27th

Nike KD VIII 8 USA Release Date June 27th

Nike KD VIII 8 USA Release Date June 27th

Nike KD VIII 8 USA Release Date June 27th

Nike KD VIII 8 USA Release Date June 27th

Nike KD VIII 8 USA Release Date June 27th

Source: Rock City Kicks

  • willhoops

    So they just gone leave them red bottoms there from the other shoe

  • Trevor

    these are alight, easy cop for those that will want them

  • BXNYC718

    KD 8s are so wack

  • ChiRaqGoofies

    $180 FOR THESE?!? Lol…#ComeOnNike #1MansTrashisStillTrash

  • As much as i hate when they over do clear soles this needed a clear sole and different color laces

  • Guest

    Kd better start doing more sonic commercials cuz he aint making shit off this shoe

  • milliondolar kid

    Kyrie 1s I’m copin for USA pack but might be the kd 8s that come out in August I’m copin

  • jjamesonthekid

    Definitely want these. I know Nike can’t wait to throw an icy bottom on these.

  • W_dubb

    the question should be who is willing to drop $195 (after tax) on this bs

  • wtfisthis

    Literally one of the worst shoes i have ever seen

    • king


    • Kicks Giggles

      Master P and soulja boy sneakers

  • Aldrian Moore

    Nice but I think the usaEwing focus wins it this year nike

  • Lol

    Ugly as Fuck!!!! I bet the LeBron 13 will Ugly as FUCK as well!!

  • Coldworldnoblanket

    Nasty, and not in a good way

  • Sneakerhead Ricky

    Oh my god 😞😷

  • KX

    OH MY FUCKING…. I thought the 8s looked terrible the first time I laid eyes on them

  • Jawny On The Spot

    Wow…between this horrible sneaker and the atrocious Kobe X…Adidas should be ashamed of itself if it can’t make up ground in the signature sneaker area.

  • BruhMan

    man nike what are you doing…these and the lebron shoes get uglier and uglier but the price goes up. The kyries already look hit i’m afraid to see what the 2s look like

  • InMy02’s

    We’re not surprised about the price raise it was bound to happen, phuck all KD’s in my opinion

  • fiver

    Deez shits r fukn disgusting n hideous as fuk n i mean that in the nicest way possible nike smmfh!!!!!!

  • W_dubb

    whats going on at nike. lebrons are ugly, kobes are trash, and these kds are hideous

    • Javion

      Then u on this and don’t say jordans

      • W_dubb


    • fjthegov

      Leo Chang in charge of Nike basketball. This dude is whack and most of his designs are lame.

      • W_dubb

        i dont understand how people are paying $180 plus tax for the kobe 10s

        • KX

          AS colorway is understandable. Every other colorway is bland and doesn’t warrant a $180 price tag

  • BXNYC718

    My GOD these look awesome………………………………………………… trash again!.

    • BOOM!!!!


  • Kicks Giggles

    Not for a buck80 these shits garb


    these are trash

  • W_dubb

    nike is outta their mind charging 180 for these

  • Lodidodida

    Hands down the best KDs yet, wait till (if?) they make some good cws. KD7s had potential wasted by so many tacky designs

    • Fool

      Bitch you’ve lost your mother funking mind!!! These are garbage and anyone who pays for these is straight up NUTS!!!!!

      • Lodidodida

        You must have lost yours, why you care so much about my opinion? you don’t know me, and you sound like an uptight nerd right fr. Idk bout you bruh bruh

    • W_dubb

      kd 4s are the best kds so far

      • Lodidodida

        best design yes, but the materials didn’t do it for me, not to mention that they’re hella uncomfortable

        • W_dubb

          u right

  • Guest

    Kd 8s? SMFH…Maybe some ugly ass air max

  • Jim Choo

    Flyweave plus full length zoom? Has everyone not worn the XX9, this shoes will be GOAT status. A lot of people will be sleeping on these until the first performance reviews come out. I expect these to sell out in all colorways.